Dr. Jyoti Bhojwani

School of Life Sciences, DAVV/Indore University, Indore-452001, INDIA.

Jyoti Bhojwani is presently a Faculty of Genetics/Bioinformatics/ principal investigator of the M.Tech research programs (BioInformatics) at University of Indore, India. She obtained her BSc (Bachelor’s degree) in Biological Sciences/Chemistry/Physics, MSc (Master’s degree) in Life-Sciences and Doctoral degree (PhD) at School of Life-Sciences, University of Indore. She pursued her postdoctoral ventures at Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (FRG), University of California-Irvine and University of Pittsburgh (USA). Currently, her projects mainly focus on translational-research and extrapolation of basic developmental mechanisms from model-systems like fruitfly (Drosophila) to human. Apart from this, her thrust areas of research interest include; cancer Biology, stemcell biology and homeotic-gene regulation. She is keen on studying in detail the genetic factors, which presumably aid in understanding of mechanism by which “cancer stem cells” function in transforming a tissue from normal to cancerous states. Her research has a motive to further facilitate the perception of stem cell potential/mechanistic in areas of regenerative medicine, translational research and anti-cancer therapy. Being involved in clinical informatics, her students are also training a cancer model and a stem cell model, deploying systems biology approach and other gene networking bioinformatics tools. This novel area of research will hopefully lead to further understanding the tipping of balance from a stem cell/normal cell to a transformed cancer cell. Owing to her immense interest in science journalism and writing potential, she is now on the editorial board of several international journals.